Mobile Home Residency Law

Mobile Home Residency Law (MRL) in California is a special set of rules put together by the California Legislature which protects mobile home owners from eviction, rent rises, and other special rules that traditional residency tenants dont have. It also covers Recreational Vehicle Park tenants as well.

Some highlights of the MRL is that landlords may only evict for certain purposes, and give a special note prior to eviction. Park owners also cant interfere with the sale of your mobile home, as long as it remains reasonable and legal. Even guests of your mobile home must comply with the rules and regulations of the mobile park.

Mobile Home Residency Law in California is not only here to protect the mobile home owners, but the landlords, mobile parks, and management companies themselves. These guidelines provide the etiquette needed on both sides of the situation. If you’re considering purchasing a mobile home then make sure to go through the MRL and understand it clearly so you can decide if a mobile home is a good option for you and your lifestyle.

Want to see it for yourself?

Check out this link: .http://www.hcd.ca.gov/manufactured-mobile-home/mobile-home-ombudsman/docs/MRL.pdf which will take you to the full Mobile Home Residency Law in California.

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