MH Law 101: Mobile Home Skirting

Mobile home skirting. I bet most people don’t even know what that is. No idea what it’s used for, where it is located or even that it is illegal in most states if you don’t have one. So today’s blog is about the skirting of mobile homes and why they’re important so you can follow all the mobile home park laws of California.

The skirting of a mobile home is the lower piece of the unit that is usually a different pattern from the rest of the shell. This piece is typically made from metal or vinyl and is used for style along with protection. The protection comes into play by hiding the structural components from weather preventing weather damage and having pest make home underneath your house. This also doubles to make your house more stylish and inviting and gives it more of that home feel. It also takes part in insulation of the home which is very crucial in home efficiency and comfort.

As stated before most states have a requirement for mobile home skirting. Every state will have different rules but they all run in the same vein. 

  1. Skirting must cover the entire perimeter. The perimeter skirting will follow the manufacturer’s required guidelines and specifications to follow regulation standards.
  2. The material for skirting must be suitable for ground contact. Adherence points must be galvanized and be corrosion resistant.
  3.  Skirting must be installed to where water can not puddle or pool in between panels for more corrosive damage.
  4. Skirting must be vented in compliance with manufacturer’s guidelines to follow state standards. 
  5. Access must be allowed from skirting but sizes of opening may vary from state to state. 

Now that the requirements are out of the way here are some tips that will guide you on your mobile home skirting journey.

  1. Venting is important to mobile home health. The application of vents will help prevent mold from growing underneath your home.
  2. Ground vapor barriers are just as important as venting. This is a thick plastic that goes on top of the ground under your home. It will protect from the ground vapor and fully protect you from the earth’s moisture.
  3. Buy all the skirting at once. This will prevent assembly damage and mistakes which can create openings for pests and negate the effects of insulation.

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