MH Law 101: Tenant Rights In Eviction

No one wants to be evicted from a mobile home. It is never a fun thing to go down on either side of the process and there will always be trouble. The California mobile home eviction laws help defend the residents of mobile homes. This process also isn’t a short one either. It will take time and mobile home lawyers along with the courts will have to get involved. If you or someone you know is going through this we are going to try our best and help you figure out what the process should look like. The usual breakdown is the park has had an issue that’s been going on too long, notifying tenant for eviction, a final meeting, and then finally the process of eviction. 

If you are a fan of this site you would have seen the article about some of the reasons you may be evicted. Those are very true and then there are many more. Many parks have specific rules that go along with the owner’s park rules that are needed to be followed. A lot of times rules are light and don’t warrant an eviction. Many are resolved with a warning or the manager gives you time to reconcile the issue especially if it’s a money issue that has been occurring. Be aware of the type of manager you have as well because all the parks aren’t treated equally in the world. 

Next is notifying the tenant or demand for possession. There are many ways the park can give a notice to you and these ways are stated in the lease you signed prior to moving into the park. Since all parks are different we will give you the usual ways of communication. The park will either do it the old school way of delivering it in person or they will go the route of placing it on your property like the door or car. The less talked about ways of receiving the notice are through email or your standard US postal service. These ways are less used because of the ways people try to get out of them saying the notice as never given to them.

When receiving the notice you have the right as a tenant to call a meeting for the eviction. This process needs to be done formally by the agreed-upon terms in the lease which is usually by email or written call for meeting by US postal service. You will have to do it within 20 days of the eviction being given out and you are allowed to have a lawyer present as well. This will give you the last chance to make an argument to not be evicted, but if nothing is resolved the eviction process will begin.

The California lots for mobile home parks cannot evict you unless they have an order from a judge so you can take this matter to court if it comes down to that. Then when that order is received you have 10 days to remove yourself from the park. After the 10 days, the park will be allowed to cut your utilities. A lot of people try to just vacate the home and just leave the mobile home on the lot, but you will still be charged for that. Even after your utilities are cut the park isn’t allowed to touch your unit or move it in any manner. The park is required to let you back on the premise to take care of your home so you can prep for selling or moving of the unit.

No one likes the process of eviction. It is by far the worst part of being a property manager and makes it so that people do not want to go down that career path. A lot of times it’s not that the tenants are bad, but that they just can’t pay the rent so it makes it a rough situation. We hope this breakdown of the process helps and gets you feeling more comfortable.

For more information on Mobile Home Tenant Eviction in Los Angeles please review our blogs and stay updated with the best Mobile Home information!

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