Three Reasons for Mobile Home Eviction

Are you concerned about Mobile Home Eviction Laws?

Well, we want to help explain the rules and regulations as well as some simple tips to make sure you don’t get evicted from your mobile home.

Mobile Home Eviction Law in California

Getting evicted from your mobile home, rental home, or residency is always a scary thought. The California Legislature has enacted a set of laws called the Mobile home Residency Law (MRL). These special laws are meant to protect you in case of possible eviction. It discusses eviction protection, rent control, and even some special rights that aren’t available to traditional resident tenants.

Living in a mobile home parks in California will always have its ups and downs. Always make sure to follow your rental agreement and your experience in your mobile park will be splendid. Here are three reasons for possible eviction.

Three Reasons for Possible Mobile home Eviction

  1. Paying rent on time. This is an obvious one that still should be spoken about. In most cases, a landlord must wait until at least the eighth day after the rent was due before sending out an eviction notice. We always suggest speaking with your landlord, being honest, and working out a solution so that you can pay rent on time.
  2. Late fees. Your landlord has permission terminate your lease if you fail to pay a late fee for late rental payments. However, the landlord may only charge a late fee if it is agreed upon in the lease. We suggest going through your mobile home park rental agreement to make sure you are obeying all the rules.
  3. Maintaining your space. Mobile home parks typically need to make sure their properties are up to date and managed well. Your landlord can start an eviction case if you have not lived up to a condition of your rental agreement. It is common curtesy to your neighbors, landlords, and management companies to stay consistent with the rules of your particular park. This is a big one for most mobile home management companies. They are providing a quality service to you, as you should for them.

To wrap it up, you should always throughly go through your rental agreements and comply with all the rules and regulations. If there are certain rules you disagree with, then start a conversation with your landlord to make progress on the changes you wish to see.

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